Preparing to sell your home?

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make your home look fresh, modern, and more appealing to buyers. First impressions are all-important properties that appear worn and faded will not entice buyers to enter and have a good look around.

If we feel something does not require doing we will certainly advise you of this to save you unnecessary cost outlay!!

Your real estate agent will of course advise you of other areas to spruce up your home to make presentable for the market.

A few main areas to concentrate on are:

•    The Front Door should be fresh and inviting
•    Windows  either a sugar soap or new coat of paint if required
•    And of course the gutters either washed or freshened up.
•    Rendered Walls & Quoins if required, a fresh coat of paint

These can make the difference to whether the potential buyer continues to view your home.

Internal Painting Tips for selling:

•    Patch holes & cracks to walls & ceilings.
•    Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, particularly if this hasn’t been done for some time.
•    Choose light and neutral colours that have wide appeal. (This will not only make the rooms brighter but will also make them appear larger).

Potential buyers will be more inclined to visually furnish neutral areas with their own possessions.  As we all know “Colour” is a very personal taste.

** Note we have worked with agents for many years to help their clients get the best results and a good return on the sale. We will only advise you on aspects that we feel are important.